Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Optimizing Keyword Density

Success and failure in search engines is what can mark a successful or failing Internet business. One important aspect of your overall search engine strategy is optimizing your "keyword density."

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears in relation to the other words on your pages. If you had a page that contained only the word football, your keyword density for the search term "football" would be 100%.

Now, let's say the same page contained just this one sentence: "Football links, reviews and scores." The keyword density for "football" is now 25%, as there are three other search terms contained on the page, and the word "football" represents only 1/4 of the total. (Note: Most engines will ignore words like "and," "the," "of," "from," etc.)

Measuring Your Site's Keyword Density

To test the value of your keyword density use the Keyword Density tool on this page:

TrafficRank Tools

Might surprise you what you are really telling search engines about your pages ... Anyway, once you see what keywords are massing on your pages, you can tweak and tune your content to increase the density of your desired keywords and phrases.

Checking the Competition

To find out what sites are generating the best search engine rankings based on your keywords, I suggest you run a search on this Meta Search Engine:


Enter your keyword term(s) and see which sites show up.

Now return to the keyword density analyzer noted above to review the keyword density of a site that scored well on IxQuick.

Your final step is to view the source of the site that scored higher than you to determine what steps you can take to mimic its properties.

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