Saturday, December 25, 2010

Toolbars and Apps

I have to admit, I've heard about toolbars and toolbar apps for a long time, but I never really appreciated how easy it can be to generate new visitors with them.

I was contacted by a friend who suggested I check out the Conduit Toolbar Platform. Conduit allows webmasters to create free customized toolbars and toolbar applications, and then distribute them to their users.

Hmm, seems like a lot of work, and I'd still have to promote the stuff. But there's more.

Now you can submit your work to the Conduit Marketplace and if people like what you have to offer, they will take it. I built a few apps and in less than a week I had over 100 users, all viewing my content -- and viewing my ads. No more work, and the traffic keeps growing.

But rather than have me try to explain it all, why not head over there now and check it out for yourself.

Conduit Toolbars and Apps

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